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Sonography Program Coordinator


Dean of Health Professions


Health Professions




Full-time Faculty




Provide oversight to the overall operation and instruction of the Sonography Program at Sauk Valley Community College.


Instruct and develop an instructional schedule for each semester to provide continuity of learning objectives and assign individual instructors to implement the schedule under the supervision of the Dean. Develop program’s master plan of education, designating short and long-term goals and objectives. Survey and evaluate Sonography educational needs and resources in the community and work with the Advisory Committee. The Coordinator shall be responsible for calling the meeting(s) and the minutes of each meeting shall appear in the annual report. Develop methods of program evaluation to ensure ongoing effectiveness through outcomes assessment and corresponding revisions. Direct the Sonography instructional program and plan curriculum to meet requirements of state and national accrediting agencies. Recruit, interview, and advise potential students and make recommendations for admissions to the Admissions Committee. Coordinate development and revision of course descriptions and outlines. Prepare and submit an annual budget request for the department and administer the budget under the supervision of the Dean. Develop and maintain satisfactory relationships with local cooperating agencies, regional, State, and national Sonography agencies. Complete catalog additions, revisions, and deletions for the Sonography program. Develop and update Sonography bulletins and brochures. Conduct periodic assessments of program effectiveness through student evaluations, peer review of faculty and survey of graduates and employers. Hold membership in appropriate professional organizations; attend and participate in local, State, and national Sonography organizations, workshops, and seminars. Attend meetings as called by the Dean. Assist Dean with evaluations of all part-time faculty assigned to the department. Facilitate maintenance of clinical records through periodic meetings with clinical coordinator, clinical instructor and/or supervisor. Recommend appointments to the Sonography Advisory Committee. Maintain inventories, provide security for equipment, and order instructional supplies and equipment for the department. Make recommendations to the Dean for policies and procedures designed to improve the quality of the educational program. Develop, in cooperation with the Dean, annual goals for the department. Prepare and submit to the Dean an annual report summarizing the accomplishments of the previous year. Serve as the Sonography Program Official for accreditation purposes. Evaluate and assure clinical education effectiveness via travel to clinical education centers. Assume all other reasonable professional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Dean.


  1. Must be able to communicate by telephone on a daily basis.
  2. Must be able to provide and understand verbal/visual orders from supervisor and to subordinates.
  3. Must be able to operate computers.
  4. Must have access to transportation to travel to various clinical sites located throughout the College District.
  5. Must be physically able to lift up to 50 lbs. and be certified in CPR.


Frequent interaction and personal contact with health agencies, facilitators, the general public and outside organizations (usually the first line of communication). Daily contact with all levels of College personnel and students.


Functional supervision is exercised over work-study students.


Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree is preferred.  Must possess and maintain the appropriate credentials specific to the offered concentrations which are RDMS – AB, OB/GYN, and RVT.  Documented experience in supervision, instruction, evaluation, student guidance, and in educational theories and techniques is required with a minimum of two years of clinical experience as a registered sonographer in the professional sonography field.




Coordinates the College Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring conditions, events and circumstances present through daily College operations, and communicating observations to the appropriate supervisor or taking necessary actions to correct, prevent or limit safety problems. May serve as a member of a committee that supports the health, safety and/or legal rights of visitors, students and staff. Such committees may include the AA/EEO, Sexual Harassment, and Safety/Loss Control committees. (Risk Management Categories I, III, IV. See Tort file.)

This description is intended to indicate the kinds and levels of work difficulty that will be required of the position that will be given the title and shall not be construed as declaring what specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position shall be. It is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of the supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of a similar kind or level of difficulty.