Repeated Coursework Policy

Effective July 1, 2011, Federal Financial Aid regulations limit the number of times a student may repeat a course and receive federal financial aid for that course. The regulations state that a student may receive federal aid when repeating a course that was previously failed regardless of the number of times that a course was attempted and failed. Once a passing grade is received, the student may receive federal financial aid for only one repeat of that course. Failing grades include F, and I; Passing grades include A, B, C, D, G, P, or Q.

The regulations do not affect Sauk Valley Community College's policies regarding whether a student may retake coursework, including repeating courses to achieve a high er grade. The regulations only apply for Title IV, HEA programs for the purpose of determining Financial Aid enrollment.

Students enrolled in a program that may require a student to take a course multiple times would not be considered to be retaking coursework if that course is required with up to a set number of credit hours (for example, MUS 106 may be repeated for up to 4 credit hours when enrolled in an Associate in Fine Arts – Music degree).

Examples of repeated coursework that may be counted toward enrollment status:

  • Student receives a failing grade. The student may repeat the course until it is passed.
  • Student receives a 'D' grade in a course that requires a 'C' grade for his/her major. (for example, ENG 101 requires a grade of 'C' or higher)

Example of repeated coursework that may not be counted toward enrollment status:

  • Student receives a grade of 'D' (which meets the requirement of the student's degree) then repeats the course. Regardless of the grade the student receives in the second attempt, the course would not be eligible to be included in the students enrollment status if the student enrolled in the course for a third term.

Note that all courses affect financial aid standards of satisfactory academic progress calculations. All repeated coursework counts as attempted credits regardless of whether financial aid was received.