Membership Information

Membership Information

Standard Membership

A standard member is one who has been invited into Phi Theta Kappa as recognition for outstanding academic performance (3.5 GPA with a minimum of 12 credit hours) and who joins by paying the one time membership fee when they are inducted. The standard member has "Phi Theta Kappa" stamped on their transcript, may wear the stole and tassel at graduation (which you can rent or purchase), and has a gold seal attached to their degree certificate. Scholarships are available for standard members. Standard members will be contacted by email regularly regarding Phi Theta Kappa fund raising or activities, and they are encouraged to participate.

Hallmark Membership

A Hallmark membership has all the advantages of a standard member but possesses the initiative to add to his or her benefit through leadership and scholarship training. Such training requires the member to dedicate a significant amount of time to Phi Theta Kappa activities, which includes participating in the following activities: chapter meetings, local Phi Theta Kappa service and fund raising activities, and Phi Theta Kappa International service activities such as attending regional conferences, honors institutes, and Illinois regional convention and/or the international Phi Theta Kappa convention. In order to successfully complete the Hallmark membership, a member is required to earn a minimum of 40 points the first semester that they were inducted and 50 points for each semester afterward, 5 points is equal to one hour of time (eg. meetings, events, office work...).