Online Preparation Courses for New Students

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SVCC offers a series of three free, non-credit online courses for students who wish to prepare themselves for an online course. Students are able to self-enroll in one or more of the courses according to individual needs. The three courses include:

  • Canvas Basics, which demonstrates navigation and use of key features of the Canvas Course Management System
  • Technology Basics, which provides a review of vital computer skills for students enrolled in online courses
  • Success Basics, which offers essential guidance to students new to the online course format

How to Enroll in a Basics Course

 1. To self-enroll in a course, select the appropriate link, below.

 2. You will be asked to login to the Canvas system with your Sauk Login, as in image 1.

image of page asking for Canvas login

image 1

3. If you do not know your Sauk login, see image 2, below.

image explaining that for most students the Sauk login is the firstname.middleinitial.lastname and the password is sv followed by the last four digits of the student id number.

image 2

4. Once you have entered your login and password, select “Enroll in Course” (see image 1)

5. Select “Go to the Course” and begin.

image of menu with link labeled

 image 3