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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the writing center been at SVCC?
The writing center became a part of campus in late February 2020. It is made possible by a federally funded Title III educational grant. This grant has made it possible to establish the writing center to support students across the college in all aspects of writing. 

When should I use the writing center?
Any student who is working on a personal or academic writing assignment or essay should consider utilizing the writing center to fine tune their work. Accessing the tools available to you could mean the difference between an A or B grade, passing or failing a class, or receiving a scholarship or acceptance into another program as you transfer after your successful completion at SVCC. Writing center support is free and available to students from all campus departments. 

My writing assignment is for a Nursing course. Can I still use the writing center?
Yes, any student in any class can use the writing center for support with writing essays and papers.

I'm transferring to another college after Sauk, can I get help with scholarship essays and  personal essays required on the application?
Yes, the writing center can help you edit and fine tune your essays to maximize your success.  

Is there a limit on how often I can use the writing center?
There is no limit on how much time is spent in the writing center. Students should come prepared to learn how to improve their writing. Typically, up to an hour is scheduled for a session. The student may be asked to apply what they have learned and then make future appointments if needed. The writing center is also open to students as a quiet place to work on their writing assignments even if they do not need a tutor. 

Contact Information
Contact the writing center staff by email at writing.center@svcc.edu or by phone (815) 835-6398