FYE Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Student Orientation?
Orientation is an event that assists in connecting students to campus resources, tools, and staff.  It is the beginning of your journey as a student at Sauk Valley Community College and will assist you in gaining valuable tools to support your success.  Orientation is not a college success course.  FYE 101 is the designated first-year experience course that students will take their first semester at SVCC.
Is this new at SVCC?

Yes. Beginning in the fall of 2013, all new students will be required to attend an assigned orientation before beginning classes.

How long does it last?

4 hours

Are all new students required to attend an Orientation session?

Yes. Transfer students are also required to attend the session to become familiar with SVCC campus resources and processes.

How am I assigned to an Orientation session?

Students will receive a letter with an orientation date and time.

I cannot attend the assigned Orientation date. What should I do?

Contact Instructional Services at 815-288-5511, ext. 344, to discuss further options.

What will I do at Orientation?

Orientation will introduce students to campus resources and processes, such as degree offerings, online tools, admissions, the Learning Resource Center, Financial aid, and other integral departments the facilitate student success.  Various questions will also be answered during these sessions.

Can parents or family members attend Orientation?

Students are encouraged to invite a person of support to attend, such as a parent, spouse, or sibling.  

The session will include information for persons of support.

Can my children attend the Orientation?

We suggest that young children do not attend as its topics are designed for college students.

Do my tuition and fees need to be paid before I can attend the Orientation session?

No.  You may attend Orientation before tuition and fees are paid. Fee payment or a payment plan is expected early within the semester that follows.

Where will I park when I arrive for Orientation?

Sauk Valley Community College provides open access parking to the students and publicParking lots are located on the north, east, and west sides of our campus.

Where will Orientation be held?

Orientation will begin in room 1K4, which is located on the first floor of the main building near the East Mall. The college will provide directional signs and assistance upon your arrival.

How much will Orientation cost me?

Orientation is free.

What if I am studying as a full-time online student?

Online students who are seeking a degree must attend the session, as essential online resources are discussed.

Can I take Orientation online?

Sauk Valley Community College does not currently offer online sessions of Orientation.