Be A Mentor - Application

Apply to Be A Mentor!

Our mission is to enrich students' lives through support and mental health advocacy. Student Peer Mentors offer the following help with students: adjusting to college life/academics, problem solving and goal setting, time management, reading/note taking skills, exam preparation, increasing motivation, stress management, provide a Wellness Assessment and more!

We will try to accommodate all requests. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the supervisor of our peer mentor program, Jennifer Hooker: jennifer.j.hooker@svcc.edu or 815-835-6271.

Currently Accepting Applications!

We are currently accepting applications for students to become mentors.


Do you have experience working with others? Do you have a few hours per week to work with a fellow classmate? Yes?! Check out these SVCC Student Peer Mentor Facts!

  • What You Will Bring
    We are looking for your creativity and new ideas! You will make a difference in a student's life! You will support your mentee by teaching strategies on how to improve self care, study skills, build relationships and access community resources.
  • What We Provide
    We provide a 1.5-2 day training to give you the skills you will need to be a successful mentor. We also provide weekly supervision to continue to support you!
  • Why Have Peer Mentors?
    Students prefer to be mentored by another student who has shared similar experiences and cares about their wellbeing. Research has shown that you will make a difference in their success both personally and academically!
  • How Will Mentoring Be Provided?
    Mentoring can be provided one on one, either virtually or in person. We are designing a mentoring group room to allow all students who would like to work on self-care to participate in activities designed to improve stress management.