Making the Most of College

  • Determine your goal and take responsibility for your education.

  • Keep a list of college departments, services, and people that you can go to for help. Utilize your available resources such as the tutoring services in the LAC, your peers by participating in study groups, and online resources available in the SVCC website.

  • Identify one person at the college who can be your role model/mentor/advisor and ask for help.

  • Attend class and be an active participant. Your chances for success increase IF you make the choice to be on time for class and be prepared to participate in the learning process. If you must miss a class, contact your instructor prior to the class.

  • Let your instructors or counselor know if you are struggling with personal issues, academic challenges, or family responsibilities.

  • Use your money wisely. Buy used books, apply for scholarships, and don’t get into credit card debt.

  • Make a connection with a veteran student who shares your major to help you learn more about your career of interest, to provide you with a realistic perspective into college life, and to help you to explore your major course strategies and options.

  • Focus on your goal! Remember YOU are ultimately responsible for achieving your educational goals.