Classroom Tech Help

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Enhanced classrooms are equipped with a PC computer, ceiling mounted projector, document camera, and speakers. Some rooms utilize a control panel to operate all equipment from the console; other rooms may utilize a remote control.  If you need technology not present in your classroom or have an idea that you aren't sure how to implement, call or email ITS for help. help@svcc.edu or 815-835-6229.

To view instructions for an enhanced classroom, click on that room's number.  

First floor:

1C011C031C05, 1H16, 1H181K04, 1M24

Second Floor:

2C072C082C102C132D012D05, 2E022E08, 2F022F102H202H222K022K9A2L1B2L032L052L062L072M032M052M072M9A

Third Floor:

3E083E103E123F023G063G083G10, 3H063H183K023K03, 3K043M063M10