College Board AP Score Credit

Effective with the passing of Illinois House Bill 3428 (8/13/2015), an AP examination with a score of 3 or higher will receive college level credit.

Contact Admissions & Records for AP tests taken prior to Fall 2019.

Refer to the chart below for AP tests taken in the 2023-24 academic year.

Official AP scores from the College Board must be sent to Sauk Valley Community College to be reviewed for potential credit.

For more information about alternative credit options, refer to the SVCC catalog.

Course Equivalents may vary based on portfolio review, etc.

AP TestAcceptable scoreCourseCredit
Art History *4-5ART 1183
3 onlyGeneral Elective3
Art Drawing *5 onlyART 113 or ART Elective3
4-5ART Elective3
3 onlyGeneral Elective3
Music Theory3-5General Elective3
3-D Design *5 onlyART 102 or ART Elective3
4 onlyART Elective3
3 onlyGeneral Elective3
2-D Design *5 onlyArt 101 or ART Elective3
4 onlyART Elective3
3 onlyGeneral Elective3
English Lang & Comp3-5ENG 1013
English Lit & Comp3-5ENG 1603
World Languages and Cultures
Spanish Language and Culture3-5LAN 1614
General Elective4
Spanish Literature and Culture 3-5LAN 1614
General Elective4
All other language courses3-5General Elective4
Mathematics and Sciences
Biology4-5 BIO 1055
3-5BIO 1034
Environmental Science3-5BIO 1403
Chemistry4-5(CHE 105 and
CHE 106)5
3CHE 1055
Physics 1 (Algebra Based)3-5PHY 1754
Physics 2 (Algebra Based)3-5PHY 1754
Physics 1 and 2 (both exams)4-5 on bothPHY 201 and 2025, 5
Physics: Mechanics3-5PHY 2115
Physics: Electricity/Magnetism3-5PHY 2125
Calculus AB3-5MAT 2034
Calculus BC4-5(MAT 2034 &
 MAT 204)
3 onlyMAT 2034
Precalculus4-5(MAT 1214 &
 MAT 122)
3 onlyMAT 1214
Statistics3-5MAT 2403
History and Social Sciences
US History3-5HIS 2213
HIS 2223
Government & Politics: US3-5PSC 1633
Comparative Government and Politics3-5PSC 2323
European History3-5HIS 1323
Modern World History3-5HIS Elective3
Macroeconomics3-5ECO 2113
Microeconomics3-5ECO 2123
Human Geography3-5GEO 1223
Psychology3-5PSY 1033
Computer Science
Computer Science A3-5CIS 1503
Computer Science Principles3-5CIS Elective3
                                                Research3-5Academic Deans and Faculty will determine course placement and credit hours.
Seminar3-5Academic Deans and Faculty will determine course placement and credit hours.

*Note: Student must present art portfolio for review by the SVCC instructor. The review will determine type of credit awarded.