How Do I Begin?

  1. Discuss the program and it commitments with parent/guardian

    • Reliable transportation to and from SVCC for duration of on campus courses
    • Attendance and participation is expected
    • College credit will be earned, including the possibility of a W on the student’s college transcript
    • Payment responsibility-these courses generate a bill that must be paid according to the SVCC payment deadlines. Failure to do so will result in a records hold
  2. Discuss the program with your high school guidance counselor

    • Discuss program and course requirements
    • Decide if courses will be taken at the high school, SVCC or online through SVCC
  3. Satisfy course prerequisites

    • Submit a current high school transcript to the Admissions and Records office at SVCC with ACT or SAT scores if applicable
    • Complete SVCC placement exams is necessary
  4. Fill Out Necessary Forms

    Fill out a Student Information Form on Sauk’s website. This will generate you a Sauk student ID number and student account. Please use 104 as Intended Program of Study.

    Fill out a Dual Credit Registration Form Students must know their SVCC ID number and a parent's email to complete the form. 

    • Once the student fills out the electronic registration form, an electronic form is then sent to the student's parent/guardian and to the designated High School Counselor. When all three electronic forms are submitted, registration can be processed. 

  5. Purchase materials and make payment arrangements 

    • Payments can be arranged by visiting: svcc.edu/pay
    • Make sure all books and materials are purchased and in hand for the first day of classes