When using the web site to request a Direct or PLUS Loan there are two documents that must be submitted to two different locations. The SVCC Direct or PLUS loan request form will be electronically sent directly to the Office of Financial Assistance. This is done when you complete the Direct or PLUS Loan Request Form on the SVCC Request block of the block diagram.  The second document that must be completed is the Master Promissory Note.  This will be done in the last step of the block diagram under Master Promissory Note completion. You should have your FAFSA pin number for this process or you will have to create a new password for signatures.  The Master Promissory Note will be submitted directly to the Department of Education.

The SVCC Direct or PLUS Loan request gives the Office of Financial Assistance the information required to submit the loan to the lender.  The Master Promissory Note is the legal document sent directly to the lender for the processing of your loans.