Frequently Asked Questions

What does “accredited” mean?
Accredited colleges must meet certain minimum standards that are established by the U.S. Department of Education to ensure that the education provided by the institution meets acceptable level of quality.  Four-year colleges and universities accept transfer credit only from schools formally recognized by a regional, national, or professional educational agency.
What is a for-profit college?
Follow this link for more information about for-profit colleges.
How do I know if my courses transfer?
Check Transferology, the Course Articulation Sheets, and/or with an Advisor.
How many credit hours do I need to complete before I am considered a transfer student?
Typically at 30 credit hours most institutions will consider you as a transfer applicant.
Is the SAT or ACT required for Admission?
Are scholarships available for transfer students?
There are scholarships available for transfer students, and the Office of Admissions at any institution will be able to tell you what their school has to offer. Look into the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (offering $30,000 to 60 students who will be transferring from a community college to a four-year university), the Tau Sigma National Honor Society, and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (offering more than $37 million to members who are finishing an associate degree and plan to enroll in a baccalaureate program) as well.
What will happen to my financial aid when I transfer?
Financial aid can't be transferred from one college to another. However, if you received federal financial aid to attend one institution, then you should be eligible for it at another. You must request that the information from your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) be sent to the school you are interested in attending. Also, be sure to consult with the Financial Aid Office of your prospective school to find out their institutional offerings in the form of grants, scholarships and work-study.
What is the average GPA to transfer?
2.5 minimum cumulative GPA for most schools. The program of study may have a higher GPA expectation.
Does AP credit count towards transfer?
Yes, this is up to the school. You can use Search for Exam Equivalencies to check how your transfer institution will take your credit.
Do I have to finish my associates degree in order to transfer?
No, you can transfer to another institution without your associate degree as long as you meet the transfer requirements. However, we recommend that you complete your associate degree so that you receive the compact benefits.
What is a reverse transfer and how does this work?
If a student chooses to transfer prior to completing a degree and then transfer classes from the 4-year institution back to SVCC where we will apply them to remaining degree requirements. In this way, students may complete their Associate’s Degree while attending the 4-year institution – this is called a Reverse Transfer.
Will my SVCC cumulative GPA (grade point average) transfer?
Your GPA does not transfer to most institutions. However, some institutions may use a student's GPA for admissions decisions. A student’s GPA from certain classes may also be used for placement or prerequisite verification for certain programs and degrees. Students should contact their 4-year institution to determine admissions requirements.
What can I do to make sure my transfer to another institution is successful?
  • Decide on a major early
  • Explore colleges and universities and visit college campuses
  • Meet with your academic advisor early and often
  • Make contact with your 4-year institution’s Transfer representative
  • Follow one of SVCC’s Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Transfer Degrees
  • Only take courses that will transfer for your specific degree
  • Take personal responsibility for your education.
When should I apply to the colleges I am considering?
Each college has its own application deadlines. It is a good rule of thumb to apply a year ahead of the date you wish to enroll. If you would like to attend in the fall of 2017, begin the application process in the fall of 2016. Most colleges set their deadlines at approximately six months prior to enrollment.
What is the maximum number of hours that I can transfer to the bachelor's degree program?
Many colleges have a maximum limit on the number of credits accepted in transfer. Graduation requirements for the baccalaureate degree include a minimum number of credits at the upper division level (courses with 300 and 400 level numbers) and a minimum number of credits completed at the senior institution. This information is available in a school's transfer guide or catalog.
Can I visit the college(s) I am interested in attending?
You are encouraged to plan a visit to all colleges you are considering.  Through researching the transfer school’s website, you may find specific open house dates designed for transfer students.  This is your opportunity to meet with Admissions staff and tour the campus.
Will my Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree transfer?
Typically, an AAS degree is not meant to be a transfer degree.  However, courses completed that count toward the lower-division general education requirements of a four-year transfer school may be eligible for transfer. Students will need to take additional courses (not included in their AAS program) to complete their general education requirements.
Is there a fee to apply to 4 year colleges for transfer?
Most public and private colleges and universities charge transfer students an application fee—usually under $50. Some institutions will waive the application fee specific reasons (e.g., if students schedule a campus visit, attend the institution’s transfer fair, or prove financial hardship).
What is an official college transcript?
All colleges and universities require prospective transfer students to submit official transcripts from each two- and four-year institution students have attended. An official transcript is one that is authorized by a college or university admissions and records office.
When should students who intend to transfer request their transcripts?
Students should request their transcript be sent to the four-year institution at the time they complete their transfer application. The transfer institution will make an admission decision based on the coursework already completed (often pending successful completion of current coursework). Students should then submit a final transcript once the semester coursework is completed.
How do I have my official SVCC transcript sent to my transfer school?
Please visit the following link for information on requesting an SVCC transcript.