Lender List

Direct Loans with the Department of Education 

Starting with the 2010-11 Academic Year the SVCC Office of Financial Assistance will have completely transitioned to the Direct Loan Process with the Department of Education. All Direct and PLUS Loans will be processed with the Department of Education.  SVCC will no longer participate in the Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFEL). These were the loans that were previously done by students and parents with private lenders.

The exception to the Direct Loan Process will be for those students and parents that are not eligible for a Direct Loan or PLUS Loan. They may use the Private/Alternative Loan process. This process is listed under student loans and is identified in red as:  "Alternative Loans - Information on alternative loans and policy". Please be advised that SVCC does not endorse any one lender over the other. You may choose any lender that processes Alternative/Private Loans. Once you have credit approved please contact the Office of Financial Assistance for certification of your Loan.