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Programs and Workshops

Programs and Workshops

These programs are free and open to all SAUK students and may be completed as many times as a student feels the need to do so. Pre-registration is always required. Please contact the writing center if there are no upcoming dates listed for the workshop(s) you are interested in.

Anatomy of an Essay

Do you want to be able to write essays with ease? This workshop will walk you through the basic anatomy of an essay by breaking down each section and showing you how to connect each step together to create a structurally polished essay.

Email to Register: Next Sessions Sept 14 and Sept 15

Note Taking Workshop Series

Note taking is a critical learning skill and each of us learns uniquely. Pick one series and discover which style of note taking works best for your brain.

Email to Register: Next Sessions Sept27 and Oct 01

Embracing the Peer Review Process

Never been exposed to the peer review process before?
Although there are many ways to engage with the peer review process, this workshop can help you become more comfortable and confident in sharing your thoughts while engaging with a peer review assignment.

Email to Register: Next Sessions Oct 04 and Oct 05

Research Paper Basics

This workshop is designed to walk you through the nuts and bolts of writing a research paper. Students who have been out of the classroom for a while, or simply need to brush up on the research paper process, will find this workshop helpful before they head into their first writing class.

Email to Register: Next Sessions Sept 22 and Sept 28

Understanding Citations

Does the thought of using citations cause you to break out in a sweat or stay awake at night? Confused how or when to use MLA or APA citation style? Bring your fears to this workshop and get all your questions answered!

Email to Register: Next Sessions Sept 20 and Sept 21

Information is the same in each session.

Independent Virtual Writing Lab

The Virtual Writing Lab is a place where you can work independently on all writing assignments but still have the advantage of getting your questions answered as they arise. Students connect through Google Meet and work independently on their own assignments.

Writing Center staff are available to answer questions and work one-on-one in a private manner with each student as needed.

Weekly Sessions : Pre-Registration is Required Students may pop in and out as desired.

Email for More Details

Writers Unblocked

SVCC Writing Center's new writing group. All students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome. This group is open to all styles of writing.

Introductory meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, Sept 22 at 4:30pm

Email with Questions or to RSVP

Writing Basics

Do you need to brush up on sentence and paragraph structure? Would seeing how a paper should be structured be helpful? This workshop is for any student in any class who would like to brush up on their skills and knowledge with the basic building blocks of writing.

Email to Register: Next Sessions Sept 24 and Sept 27

Right Before You Write

Getting started writing can be frustrating! We can help manage those frustrations by walking through some prewriting strategies.

Email to Register

Essay Anatomy
Note Taking
Peer Review
Research Paper
Understanding Citations
Writing Lab
Writers Unblocked
Writing Basics
Right Before You Write

For questions or to register, please email writing.center@svcc.edu.