Transferring Credit to Sauk

Transfer Courses

Sauk will accept credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions. A Transcript Evaluation Request form must be completed and filed in the Office of Admissions and Records if you are pursuing a degree or certificate and would like your transcripts to be evaluated. For additional information, contact the Records Analyst, Sherri Whitlock at (815) 835-6327 or sherri.s.whitlock@svcc.edu.

Other Ways to Earn College Credit

Credit for prior learning can be awarded only after the assessment of prior learning experiences and only for documented learning that demonstrates achievement of all terminal objectives for a specific course. Students enrolled at Sauk may earn credits based on prior experience in the following ways:

  • Armed service experience
  • Evaluation (certifies knowledge gained through work experience, technical/vocational training, and other learning experiences)
  • Proficiency examination
  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program)  CLEP information
  • Dantes tests
  • Advanced Placement Examination program
  • Credit by Certification, License or Registry
  • The International Baccalaureate Program
  • State Seal of BiLiteracy

Credit for prior learning does not count toward the residency requirement for a certificate or degree at SVCC except for credits earned by proficiency examination. A maximum of 30 credits gained through prior experience can be used toward a degree at SVCC; up to 50 percent of the credits earned through prior experience may be applied toward a certificate at SVCC. Students should be aware that acceptance of credit for prior experience varies among transfer institutions.

Fifteen hours toward a degree or 25% of the required credits for a certificate must be completed at the college prior to awarding credit for prior learning for degree or certificate seeking students.

For additional information contact an advisor or the appropriate dean.