Returning or Continuing Student Checklist

  1. Advisor Pre-Approval

    Make an appointment to meet with a advisor (815-835-6354) before registration begins to plan your next semester's courses. Planning early allows you to avoid the rush during registration.
  2. Academic Planning Sheets

    Students who are following a advisor-approved academic plan can simply bring a copy of this plan along with your completed registration to the Academic Advising Office for instant approval.
  3. Advisor Approval

    Students meet with a advisor during registration period to discuss recommended course work and gain approval to register.
  4. Self Registration

    Students who have met registration guidelines can register online or on campus.
  5. Pay Tuition and Fees

    Pay tuition & fees for your courses in the Business Office (815-835-6267). Forms of payment include cash, check, credit card or apply for a payment plan. Students who register early have until a designated date to pay. After this date, tuition and fees are due on the day you register for classes.