Dual Credit

What is SVCC's Dual Credit Program?

By participating in SVCC’s Dual Credit program, students can begin earning college credit while still enrolled in high school for a fraction of the typical college cost.

Is the Dual Credit Program right for you?

Time Management

Dual Credit courses are SVCC college level courses and students should be prepared for college expectations. The amount of required study time in each course depends on many things: motivation, study skills, reading skills, etc. However, there is a general “rule of thumb”. This rule states: For every credit enrolled, students should expect to invest at least two hours outside of class doing homework or preparation. This rule does not hold true for all students. Some students may need more time and others less.

Students enrolled in 12 hours should consider:

12 credit hours = 12 hours in class per week plus 24 hours of additional study time = 36 hours per week for college coursework


Students participating in the program must be motivated to complete college level courses while still attending high school. Online courses are completed on the students time with set deadlines in place by the instructor   

Students Must:

  • be at least 16 years of age at the time the course begins
  • be through sophomore level of high school at the time the course begins
  • satisfy all course placements (ACT, SAT, SVCC Placement exams, course prerequisites) prior to registration


For more information, please contact:

Dakota J. Geesey
Dual Credit Specialist / Enrollment Management

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