Career Assessments

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The first step towards choosing your perfect career path is getting to know yourself. Before you research career options, take some time gather data on yourself by exploring questions from these areas: 

Personality: What motivates you? What makes you happy?
Interests: What do you love?
Values: What is important to you?
Skills: What are you good at?

Working through some of the free assessments below can also aid in your search for answers to these important questions.

16 Personalities: Using the Myers-Briggs Personality Model, 16 Personalities is a site designed to help you understand yourself and provide information to help you take tangible steps in your personal relationships and professional life.

CareerOneStop Skills Matcher: Created by the Department of Labor, this resource will help assess your skills and see how you might be able to incorporate them into a career. You will rate basic skills like reading, writing, speaking, scientific reasoning, and critical thinking, as well as more specialized social, technical, analytical, computer, problem-solving, and resource management skills.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter: This test helps you to understand your personality type and discover what type of temperament you have. Test results suggest a predominant personality type, including Artisan, Guardian, Rational, or Idealist. Your temperament influences career satisfaction, job search strategies, and job performance.

123 Career TestThis popular aptitude test can help you gain insight into the careers that best fit your personality. It will help you learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you best.

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