Violence Free Campus

The safety and security of the Sauk Valley Community College campus and community are very important. Our students, employees, and visitors should be able to pursue their education, work and other activities in a safe, non-threatening environment. Unfortunately, violence can occur. To educate and empower all members of the College community, resources and procedures are in place to prevent, deter and respond to concerns regarding acts of violence. The College also offers workshops to assist departments and individuals in detecting indicators for concern and resources to protect themselves and their environments. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Annual Security Report

The most recent annual security report is always available at svcc.edu/security-report.

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Violence Free Campus

In compliance with Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008 (110 ILCS 12) and Ill. Admin. Code tit. 29, § 305.10 – 305.110., Sauk Valley Community College enacts the Violence Free Campus Policy.

Violence is not tolerated.

Violence, threats or implied threats of violence, and intimidation (verbal or physical acts intended to frighten or coerce) impede the goal of providing a safe campus and learning environment and will not be tolerated. All students, employees and visitors are covered by this policy. This policy applies to conduct on campus, which includes all property owned or used by the College.


Firearms and other dangerous weapons are not permitted on the campus except for purposes of law enforcement and as specially authorized for purposes of instruction, research or service.


The College will pursue disciplinary action, civil or criminal action as appropriate under the circumstances against any person who violates College policy by engaging in such violence, threats of violence, or intimidation.


Immediate Danger (Individual who is a threat to themself or others.)

Students, employees and visitors should address emergencies by calling 911 from any campus phone.

Potential Danger (Individual may become a threat to themself or others.)

Students, employees and visitors should notify SVCC Campus Security (Room 1C04) at (815) 835-6389 or (815) 441-2040 or security@svcc.edu.  SVCC Campus Security is the central location for tracking concerns of violence - it is important that SVCC Campus Security is made aware of concerns or threats of violence even if they occur on property outside of campus.

Urgent Concern (Individual exhibits concerning behavior but no apparent threat.)

Contact the Dean of Student Services at 815-835-6305 or access a SVCC Counselor in the Student Services Center (First Floor, West Mall).  Staff should complete an “Early Alert Referral” in FAST.

The College has adopted procedures for responding to and addressing conduct that violates this policy and urges all students, employees and visitors to be alert to the possibility of violence on campus. As part of the College community, all students, employees and visitors are responsible for reporting violence they experience.

Threat Management

The Campus Violence Prevention Committee promotes awareness and responsiveness across campus to avoid or address situations that may involve violence, threats, intimidation or property damage. The Sauk Valley Crisis Assistance Team (SVCAT) serves as the Campus Threat Assessment Team assessing situations involving the potential for violence.  SVCAT provides assistance to faculty, staff, and students in addressing situations in which a student or staff member displays concerns.

Resources and Preparedness

Sauk Valley Community College, as part of its annual communication on safety, will inform individuals of this policy and its related procedures and resources.


Confidentiality of complaints and parties will be preserved to the greatest extent possible, understanding that the College may have an obligation to take some action even if the complainant is reluctant to proceed. Parties and witnesses to a complaint are also expected to maintain confidentiality of the matter, understanding that they will often not have all the facts and that they could impair the investigation by divulging information to persons outside of the investigatory process.

Non-Retaliation and False Claims

The College prohibits retaliation against persons who in good faith report violations of this policy or cooperate in an investigation. The College also prohibits the filing of knowingly false or misleading reports and providing knowingly false or misleading information in an investigation. Discipline or other action can result from either of these acts in violation of this policy.

Contact Information

For more information on campus security and violence prevention on campus, please contact Joe Strabala-Bright, Dean of Student Services (815-835-6305 or joe.a.bright@svcc.edu) or Rebecca Flynn, Assistant Director of SVCC Police Academy and Security (815-835-6408 or rebecca.l.flynn@svcc.edu) .

Updated 2/05/2024