Awarding Honorary Degrees

109.02  Awarding Honorary Degrees

Awarded by the Sauk Valley Community College Board of Trustees, the honorary degree is a high form of recognition offered by Sauk Valley Community College to persons of exceptional distinction.

To be awarded the honorary degree, a nominee shall have made exceptional and lasting contributions as a notable life achievement to the College, to the Sauk Valley community, or to the state, national, or international community. An honorary degree shall not be conferred upon a College faculty member, staff member, or trustee until the individual has been separated from the institution for two or more academic semesters. Generally, the College will award no more than one honorary degree in any academic year. The specific honorary degree awarded shall be appropriate to the nature of the attainment being recognized.

The Board of Trustees awards an honorary degree based on a recommendation from the College President. Coordination of the nomination and selection process for honorary degree recipients is the responsibility of the College President.


  • 02-27-2017

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