Board Meeting Agenda

114.01  Board Meeting Agenda

  1. The President of the College will prepare the agenda of meetings for the Board of Trustees after conferring with the Chair of the Board. The Trustees may introduce agenda items through the Board Chair or the President of the College.
  2. The Trustees should be furnished with copies of the agenda for regular meetings with any available supporting materials at least 48 hours prior to each regular meeting. The Trustees will receive a copy of the agenda and any available supporting materials for a special meeting as soon as practicable prior to the meeting.
  3. Copies of the agenda for each meeting of the Board of Trustees shall be sent to all news media that requested notice of meetings pursuant to the Illinois Open Meetings Act and shall be posted at the College office for public inspection as provided by the Illinois Open Meetings Act.
The Board agenda shall contain an item called Communications from Visitors. At this time on the agenda, subject to policy 114.02, members of the public and employees of the College may be heard on petitions previously filed, or requests to be heard on specific agenda items, or to comment or ask questions of the Board. Any written communications for the Board not previously delivered to the Board shall be furnished to it at this place on the agenda. In the Chair’s discretion, any written communication to the Board may be read aloud by the Chair, by a member of the Board, by the President, or by other designees.


  • 10-23-1989
  • 06-24-2002
  • 01-23-2023

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