Rights and Responsibilities of Students

601.01  Rights and Responsibilities of Students

  1. Sauk Valley Community College is committed to a philosophy that ensures the basic rights of students, such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assemble, and the right of inquiry. In consideration of these rights, it is implicit that students should accept those responsibilities that are inherent with attendance at a public community college. These include such basic responsibilities as:
    1. Respect for public and private property,
    2. Respect for the rights and privileges of others,
    3. Adherence to recognized standards of scholarship, and
    4. Respect for duly constituted authority.
  2. Students should recognize that the primary educational function of Sauk Valley Community College must be maintained at all times and that ultimate authority rests with the Board of Trustees as elected representatives of the College constituency. The Board serves as the place of final appeal for grievances in any matter concerning the College provided that the student shall have first exhausted all relevant procedures and appeals provided by College policy or procedure.


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