Drug-Free Campus

516.01  Drug-Free Campus

Applicable Statutes:

  • 20 USC 1011i and 34 CFR 86 (Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989)
  • 41 USC 8103 (Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988)
  • 30 ILCS 580 (Illinois Drug Free Workplace Act of 1986)

It is the policy of Sauk Valley Community College that its campus be drug-free, including students, employees, and visitors.

  1. For the purpose of this policy, a “controlled” substance is any one or more of the following: (1) which is not legally obtainable as defined by the Schedules of Controlled Substances (21 USC 812); (2) which is legally obtainable but is being used in a manner different from that prescribed; or (3) which is legally obtainable but has not been legally obtained.
  2. The unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in campus buildings, on campus grounds, in College vehicles, at College-sponsored activities, or in any other workplace designated for College employees.
  3. Students who violate this policy will be governed by the College’s Student Code of Conduct and subject to disciplinary action which may include suspension, expulsion, and/or other corrective actions aimed at rehabilitation.
  4. Employees, as a condition of employment, are required to notify the College of any criminal drug conviction resulting from a violation occurring at the workplace no later than five (5) days after conviction. A conviction is defined as a finding of guilt (including plea of no contest) or imposition of a sentence, or both, by any judicial body charged with the responsibility of determining violations of the federal or state criminal drug statutes. The College shall notify the appropriate federal agency from which it received grant monies of an employee conviction within ten (10) days after receiving notice of such a conviction. Within thirty (30) days of receiving notice of a conviction, the College shall institute appropriate disciplinary action. This action could include, but is not limited to, dismissal. The College may also require an employee who violated this policy to participate satisfactorily in an employee assistance program or a substance abuse assistance or rehabilitation program.
  5. Visitors determined to have violated this policy are subject to removal from College premises and may also be subject to legal action.
  6. The College shall develop a drug-free awareness program which will inform College students and employees of the following:
    1. The short and long-term health risks of the use of illicit drugs and alcohol;
    2. The College's policy of maintaining a drug-free campus;
    3. Any health or drug abuse agency which provides drug counseling, rehabilitation, and assistance programs; and
    4. The penalties that may be imposed for drug abuse violations.
  7. A notice complying with the provisions of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and Drug Free Communities and Schools Act Amendments of 1989 shall be distributed annually to each student and employee of the College.
  8. SVCC will complete a biennial review of its drug-free policies and procedures each even year.


  • 05-22-1989
  • 12-19-2005
  • 05-21-2018
  • 02-24-2020
  • 01-25-2021

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