Pre-employment Investigations and Pre-employment and Employee Testing

428.02  Pre-employment Investigations and Pre-employment and Employee Testing

To help protect the security and safety of the College’s students and staff and to comply with any relevant state or federal requirements, appropriate background checks and testing shall be conducted for potential employees of the College, employees of the College who undertake certain specific responsibility, and persons who regularly serve as compensated or uncompensated volunteers of the College.  The background checks and testing may include criminal background checks, fingerprinting and submission of fingerprints to appropriate law enforcement agencies, and drug testing.

  1. Criminal Background Checks
    1. Application for Employment all applicants for full-time or part-time employment at Sauk Valley Community College shall execute appropriate authorizations for criminal background investigations at the time of interview.  No prospective employee whose criminal background investigation discloses a conviction for any crime involving moral turpitude, a felony, or which in any way relates to the responsibilities of the employees of the College, shall be employed by the College (exemptions require Board approval).
    2. Volunteers: All persons who regularly serve as either paid or unpaid volunteers of the College shall be subject to criminal background checks and shall consent to appropriate criminal background checks before being permitted to undertake any responsibilities as a volunteer.
    3. The Chief Human Resources Officer shall maintain appropriate procedures for the conduct of criminal background investigations for applicants for employment or volunteers, and the results of the outcome of such investigation shall be used in making relevant decisions regarding employment or services of a volunteer.
  2. Fingerprinting:  All applicants for positions as an employee and all regular volunteers in either dual credit situations or those working with vulnerable populations shall consent to be and shall be fingerprinted, and the fingerprints shall be sent to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  The Chief Human Resources Officer shall maintain appropriate procedures for obtaining and forwarding fingerprints, and identification of positions subject to this requirement.
  3. Drug Testing
    1. Applicants for Campus Security Employment: All applicants for positions in Campus Security shall submit to drug testing as a condition to employment.  All Campus Security employees shall execute an appropriate consent to random drug tests which may be required anytime the employee is on duty.
    2. Drug testing shall be conducted on all applicants for employment for positions in which the applicant shall have a responsibility to transport College students or staff to any College sponsored or related event by operating a motor vehicle.  Any employee or volunteer whose regular responsibilities include operating a motor vehicle to transport College students or College staff to College sponsored or College related activities shall execute appropriate consent to submit to random drug tests at any time they are on duty.
    3. The Chief Human Resources Officer shall maintain appropriate procedures to secure consents to drug tests as required, and for appropriate collection and delivery of samples to appropriate testing facilities.


  • 07-27-2009

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