Use of College Facilities

511.01  Use of College Facilities

  1. College facilities are open to the community for appropriate uses, as scheduling allows. The priorities listed below are established for utilization of the College facilities.
    1. SVCC classroom instruction.  No fees will be assessed.
    2. College-related activities initiated by or participated in by SVCC faculty, staff, or students.  No fees will be assessed.
    3. Cooperative activities on an occasional basis with other educational institutions including local public schools and other colleges and universities.  No rental fees will be assessed, but non-college groups are expected to pay the actual direct costs incurred by the College.  These costs will be determined by the Chief Facilities Officer.
    4. Cooperative activities on an occasional basis with not-for-profit groups that may be of general interest to the SVCC student body, College staff, or community.  Such organizations may include, but not be limited to, churches, community service clubs, political action groups, hobby-leisure time organizations, and other governmental bodies.  Rental fees may be assessed based on the approved rental rate schedule for non-commercial groups.
    5. Commercial ventures that are profit-making and for private gain, but which by virtue of the events they sponsor may also provide a service to the College, its students, and/or the community.  Rental fees may be assessed based on the approved rental rate schedule for commercial groups and may include direct costs.
  2. Rental rates assessed for group commercial activities and non-commercial activities as well as any direct costs associated with use of the facilities will be determined on an annual basis by the College administration.  The rates may apply to all or any part of one day.  A list of rental rates and direct costs associated with use of the College facilities will be available to the public in the Information Office.  Direct costs are those which may be connected clearly with the activity.  Examples of direct costs are equipment, supplies, insurance, electrical hookups, air conditioning, or personnel such as custodial, security, and lighting equipment operators.  The Chief Facilities Officer is responsible for providing personnel and a security force to supervise the event for which permission has been obtained.  College administration is responsible for determining the classification of a particular event, the need for event organizers to provide certificates of insurance, and any fee charges.  Any problems regarding interpretation of the priorities or implementation of this policy shall be resolved by the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Facilities Officer.
  3. The outside marquee will be utilized only for College-related activities, in accordance with the College’s agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation authorizing the placement of the marquee on IDOT’s right-of-way.
  4. The College shall deny the use of College facilities to any person or groups whose policy, practice or activity is considered by the Board to be detrimental to the best interests of the College.  Any activity, whether scheduled or casual, that could potentially interfere with College-approved activities, could cause damage to College property or grounds, could present unreasonable risk of bodily harm, or could cause unreasonable risk of danger to the safety of uninvolved third parties or their property, is prohibited.
  5. Discharge of firearms is prohibited.  The unlawful use of controlled substances and the abuse of non-prescription medications on College property, in College facilities, or in College vehicles is prohibited.  The use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited on College property, in College facilities, or in College vehicles.  Smoking is limited to designated areas outside of College buildings.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted on campus for special events as approved by the Board.
  6. Any group or individual who has been denied use of any College facilities for particular purposes including casual use may petition the Board for permission to make such use of the College facilities.  The petition to the Board shall be written and shall describe the proposed use and anticipated participants. Such petition shall be filed with the College President.


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