Campus Access

509.01  Campus Access

Applicable Statute: 720 ILCS 5/21-3 (Criminal trespass to real property)

  1. Sauk Valley Community College is a public institution of higher education that can be visited by the general public. Even though SVCC is an open campus, the College has the ability to determine the expectations and parameters for a person’s presence on College property.
  2. Individuals do not have a right to be on College property. Consistent with applicable laws, the College has the ability to restrict, withhold, or remove a person’s access to or presence on College property.
  3. Persons who violate College policies, regulations, or rules or who pose a threat or risk to the safety and security of the College community or College property may be advised to leave by a SVCC official. If a person refuses to leave after being asked to leave by a SVCC official, that person will be considered to be trespassing and subject to removal by law enforcement.


  • 02-12-1979
  • 03-23-1987
  • 09-28-2020

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