Financial Aid Tuition Hold Program

513.01 Financial Aid Tuition Hold Program

  1. Students at Sauk Valley Community College are responsible for payment of tuition at the time of registration.  Students who are in the process of registering and who have applied for approved federal, state, and local financial aid programs, and who, because of time or processing factors have not yet received their financial aid award, may be eligible to participate.  This eligibility will be determined by the Chief Financial Assistance Officer after evaluation and analysis of supporting data that anticipate a future financial aid award to the student.
  2. Policy Guidelines
    1. Student requests for the Financial Aid Tuition Hold Program must be made in person at the Financial Aid Office.  Students must provide the required documentation.
    2. All federal, state, and local financial aid applications must be completed, reviewed, and mailed from the Sauk Valley Community College Financial Aid Office.
    3. A student must meet eligibility (federal, state, and local) requirements for participation in financial aid programs.  Some of these requirements include approved programs, GED and/or high school diploma, enrolled as a part-time student, and satisfactory academic progress.
    4. Students permitted to participate in the Financial Aid Tuition Hold Program are expected to have all tuition paid prior to the mid-term date of the semester in which they are enrolled.
    5. Any student financial obligation that is due to Sauk Valley Community College will result in a freeze being placed on the transmittal of any student records.  Students covered by any grants or donor agreements are exempted and may pursue their studies; their financial obligation will stand.  Should the Chief Financial Assistance Officer and/or the Chief Financial Officer be unable to collect the amount due the College, the bad debt may be forwarded to a collection agency for disposition.


  • 01-14-1980
  • 03-23-1987
  • 04-28-1997
  • 07-24-2000
  • 02-28-2022