ECACE Scholarship

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ECACE Scholarship

Funding: Includes tuition & fees, and funding for up to the full cost of attendance (room and board, transportation, etc.)


  1. Undergraduate (prioritized attaining Gateways Credentials, Associate and/or Bachelor’s Degree) at a Consortium Institution (Enrolled in a minimum of 3 credit hours)
  2. Work Setting: Must work or have worked w/children birth to five in child care, in either a licensed or license-exempt facility.
  3. U.S. Citizen or an eligible noncitizen
  4. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  5. Complete the online scholarship application and FAFSA application
  6. Not be in default on any federal student loan, nor owe a refund on any State or Federal grant


Looking for some help with the scholarship application process? Contact Celina or Beth

Celina Benson
ECE Academic Advisor & Outreach Coordinator
(815) 835-6301

Beth (Mary Elizabeth) Smaka
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education


ECACE 2022-2023 Scholarship Application Process

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

To be eligible for the scholarship program, students must complete the FAFSA application available at https://studentaid.gov/

  1. Create an account or login at https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa.
  2. Sauk Valley Community College School Code: 001752
  3. Complete your financial aid process with CampusLogic:  https://svcc.verifymyfafsa.com/account/registerstudent

Contact Sauk Valley Community College Office of Financial Assistance @ (815) 835-6339 for any questions concerning the application or financial assistance. Mon-Tue 8am-6pm, Wed-Thu 8am-4:30pm, Fri 8am-2pm.

Gateways Registration

You must be a current Gateways Registry member to qualify for the scholarship. The Eligibility Verification Form contains members' employment history, with assigned position codes. For award consideration, at least one of the position codes must be an  eligible code. The scholarship application requires information from Gateways Eligibility Verification form which should be obtained before beginning the application (application will time-out after 30 minutes of inactivity).

  1. If you are a current member or new member, the link below offers instructions on how to obtain the information:
    1. Accessing ECACE Scholarship Eligibility Form Instructions: https://www.isac.org/students/during-college/documents/ECACE-Elig-Verif-Form-Tips.pdf
  2. Begin Registration: Sign up @ https://registry.ilgateways.com/component/wsuser/signup/online
  3. You will receive an email confirming registration and requesting to follow a link to login and complete Application
  4. Complete Application
  5. Access the Scholarship Eligibility form, reference step 1 link (Will need to upload in scholarship (save as PDF, JPG, JPEG, DOC, DOCX)


ECACE Scholarship Application

  1. Begin Application: [Click to visit ISAC.org and complete Application]
    • At the end of the web page, click START APPLICATION, and create a login if not already done (system will ask to create a challenge question.
  2. ECACE Application Process Video:[Click to view External Video](IMPORTANT: Video also offers additional information about scholarship approval and award)

After an Application is Submitted

  • Students receive a confirmation e-mail when the ECACE application has been received by ISAC
  • When students’ applications are processed (~3 weeks)
  • Institutions’ financial aid offices receive the names of students and their status in the GAP system
  • Students get an email/letter with their status
    • Complete
    • Incomplete (what’s missing)
    • Ineligible

Enroll at Sauk Valley Community College

Enroll or Re-enroll as a Student at Sauk Valley Community College at svcc.edu/apply

Request Transcripts

Students will need to have official documentation sent to Sauk Valley Community College, Admissions & Records, 173 IL Route 2 Dixon, IL 61021.(Contact your academic advisor if assistance is needed obtaining these records.) This includes high school, GED, and/or previous college transcripts. Students with earned college credits will also need to complete a “Transcript Evaluation Form” available through Admissions & Records @ www.svcc.edu/students/admissions/records/electronic-forms/transcript-eval

Prepare for Placement Exams

Meet with your academic advisor to determine if placement testing is recommended or required. SVCC placement tests are used if ACT, SAT, Review of College Credit, Review of High School Transcripts and/or GED scores are not available or they do not meet valid placement measures.

  • If placement exams are needed, prepare at https://studentportal.accuplacer.org/#/home and click on Practice Resources
  • Speak to your advisor if offsite testing is needed.
  • Acceptable forms of ID: Government issued photo ID, State issued ID, Student ID