Sauk humanities-communications-fine-arts programs


Career Expectations

Skills developed while earning a communication (COM) degree are desired by a variety of employers offering careers in business administration, marketing or political strategies and coordination, social media management, web production, public relations, journalism, and human resources.

Necessary Skills and Attitudes

Students completing COM courses at SVCC should focus on developing strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills to help in conducting interviews and delivering speeches and/or presentations. Additionally, students should embrace opportunities to hone reading, writing, and research skills by investigating options for gathering and analyzing data while utilizing a variety of digital tools and software.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Provide students with the theories, concepts, and skills necessary to become more effective speakers and critical listeners in personal, professional, social, and public situations.
  • Build a foundation for students' general education and prepare them to transfer into a bachelor';s degree in communication studies or related fields.

Career Degrees
Transfer Degrees