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PNC - MEIP Internship Description

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PNC, Inc. manufactures custom electromagnetic solenoid coils and wiring harnesses for the automotive and hydraulic industries. We currently produce thousands of variations of encapsulated and un-encapsulated solenoid coils in a vast array of voltages, external designs, terminations, connectors, magnet/lead wire and engineering grade plastics.

PNC's quality management system has been acknowledged by our quality registrar and our customers as world class and as a benchmark in our industry. PNC’s quality management system is based on a comprehensive customer oriented approach that focuses on customer satisfaction by ensuring effective and efficient value added processes are integrated throughout the organization.

PNC is also the end user of internally designed, built and programmed custom automation for manufacturing.  These systems consist of complex hydraulic, pneumatic, motion and electrical control systems which also incorporate machine vision as well as Scara, 5 and 6 axis robotics.

A Multi-Craft Technology Intern at PNC would learn to provide all the technical support necessary to keep our fast paced environment productive and efficient concerning our wide variety of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical system challenges that appear on a daily basis.  PNC provides a climate controlled, safe, family atmosphere where team members can thrive and grow with us!


Jim Weed
Human Resource Manager
PNC, Inc.
117 E. Mason Street
Polo, IL  61064
Phone:  (815)946-2328  Ext. 1008
Fax:      (815)946-2483
Email:  jim.weed@pncinc.com