Sauk humanities-communications-fine-arts programs

Art, Digital Media

Program Goals

  • The goals and objectives of the AFA and AA programs are to prepare students for transfer to B.A. and B.F.A. programs, including requisite portfolio reviews. The courses also prepare students for careers involving Art and Design without receiving a transfer degree.
  • Our objectives are achieved through providing a balance of theory, practice with materials and techniques and experiential learning opportunities. Students practice proficiency in a variety of studio art courses, explore historic and contemporary related topics in art while developing critical thinking skills and creative problem solving methods.
  • The discipline contributes to other fields of study through offering critical perspectives on human history, ethics, communication skills, creativity and the human legacy of art-making from prehistoric cave painting through contemporary architectural engineering. Disciplines in art contribute to the mission of SVCC through engaging the community in lifelong learning, public service and economic development on a myriad of levels.

Art, Digital Media
Career Degrees
Transfer Degrees