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Multicraft Technology

Local companies have partnered with SVCC to bring you a first-class education in Multicraft Technology and the opportunity to earn a DEGREE and a PAYCHECK with on-the-job training. Visit svcc.edu/meip for details.

Program Goals

  • Graduates of the Multicraft Technology program are prepared to enter the workforce as engineering technicians, field service engineers, plant maintenance technicians and application engineers or to move into supervisory positions.
  • Graduating multicraft technicians will combine knowledge of mechanical engineering technology with knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits to maintain, design, develop, test, and manufacture electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems, such as robotic assembly machines.
  • Maintenance technicians will be prepared to work independently and with other plant personnel to perform preventative, predictive and routine maintenance tasks. They will troubleshoot issues, repair failures of production and facilities equipment, and ensure maximum equipment efficiency and effectiveness.

Multicraft Technology
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