Sauk humanities-communications-fine-arts programs


Career Expectations

The skills honed while earning an English degree--critical thinking, clear communication, persuasive writing, and insightful analysis--are highly sought in the contemporary job market. English majors could secure positions as teachers or technical writers, translating complex information into accessible language for diverse audiences. The rise of digital media has also fueled a demand for content writers, copywriters, and editors, roles well-suited for those with a command of written language. Additionally, the marketing sector values the creative thinking and communication skills of English majors, leading to opportunities in human resources, content marketing, social media, and brand management, with many other options available.

Necessary Skills and Attitudes

English students at SVCC should focus on developing reading and writing skills and the ability to analyze and respond in various ways to information in order to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts. Embracing opportunities to utilize key reading and writing strategies covered in courses to hone skills and help adapt to new audiences and/or writing situations is strongly encouraged.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Help students develop proficiency in writing college-level expository and research-based essays.
  • Develop writing skills for specific professions.
  • Provide instruction in analyzing and responding to literature to supplement their general education requirements and/or pursue English degrees at transfer institutions.

    Career Degrees
    Transfer Degrees