Class Management Assets

Checklist for a New Semester   Use this handy interactive checklist as a tool to be sure routine housekeeping tasks are completed in your Canvas course each semester.

 Tutorial - Email Students from Faculty Self-Service or SOAR   This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for sending an email to all of the students enrolled in a course via Faculty Self-Service or SOAR.

Tutorial for Locating Student Contact Information in Faculty Self-Service  This step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to find student email addresses and phone numbers in Faculty Self-Service.

Template for email to students  SVCC recommends that you email students in online courses prior to the beginning of the semester to introduce yourself and share basic information about the course. Use this template to begin composing your message.

Template for email to ILCCO ICE Students   ILCCO, a consortium of Illinois community colleges, administers ICE, a service which facilitate online course sharing among participating institutions. Use this template for introductory email to ICE students in your course.