Rolling Hills Progress Center

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Peter Hermes, Executive Director
Rolling Hills mission is to provide vocational and activity services to Carroll County residents with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and physical disabilities. Rolling Hills believes that people with a disability can and will develop to their unlimited potential from the meaningful vocational, educational and social training provided at the center. The ultimate goal is to provide the opportunity for growth and development of vocational skills through remunerative employment as well as increased functioning in the areas of independent living, functional academic, social and recreational skills.
Hours are from 8:00 to 4:00, Monday through Friday. The developmental training involves therapeutic activities that are designed to assist the individual to improve and enhance motor skills, independent living skills, functional educational skills, vocational skills and social interpersonal skills. The Regular Work Program provides employment to individuals who are not able to meet the standards of the competitive labor market. The program offers the opportunity to develop personal skills and make referrals to other services and vocational counseling. Individuals who develop sufficient productive skills and adjustments can move out of the facility and into the competitive labor market. Through the educational services, individuals have the opportunities to increase their knowledge and competence in basic educational skills. The goal is to enable the individual to function more independently at home, work and in the community. Instruction is offered in areas such as access to the community, budgeting, money skills, functional reading and writing and telling time. Referral assistance is provided to individuals seeking GED certification. Independent living skills include include meal preparation, nutrition and diet, clothes maintenance, grooming, health, personal hygiene and other related skills. Vocational skills teaches individuals work habits that are important in the workforce such as production rate, work quality, work habits, punctuality and attendance. Work experience is offered in the areas of custodial, food service, material handling, assembly, packaging, salvaging, collating, machine operation, sorting, inspection, landscape maintenance, shipping, and receiving. Individuals may be involved with the Special Olympics where they have the opportunity to participate and compete in sports such as bowling, track and field, swimming, softball, and basketball. Individuals who participate in the program can benefit from the food pantry and clothing donations. Field trips to a baseball game or a local park are also planned. Rolling Hills also aides in financial assistance. The items and services provided by the Rolling Hills Progress Center offers a developmentally disabled individual the opportunity to be productive and contributing members of our society. The members of Rolling Hills assemble and package items and gives their life a new meaning and purpose. One dollar per day tuition is charged for the first year of services. Services are not denied for those who are unable to pay tuition costs. The program accepts residents of Carrol County with a diagnosed mental or physical disability and must be at least 16 years of age. Call Rolling Hills to ask about being admitted to the program.

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