Rochelle Community Hospital

900 N. 2nd Street, Rochelle, IL 61068
(815) 562-2181
(815) 562-5474
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The Rochelle Community Hospital Association acknowledges the importance of healthcare services to support a community's well-being, success, and prosperity. The hospital identifies the health needs and trends of people and addresses them by arranging for the provision of quality healthcare services. The hospital assures that quality health and wellness services are available to the people. The Rochelle Community Hospital also educates individuals, groups, and organizations about the healthcare services. The hospital provides timely and effective pain assessment and treatment and sees the accessibility as not only an issue for the quality of life, but also an issue to meet the patients' rights and expectations. The Rochelle Community Hospital staff guarantees to provide special individual attention, aid in the decision-making process to better healthcare, and improve the quality of life, so to ensure satisfaction.
The Rochelle Community Hospital also provides services to western DeKalb area. Hours vary depending on the specialty services needed. Specialty areas of RCH includes audiology, cardiology, general practice and general surgery, hematology and oncology, neurology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pain management, pediatrics, podiatry, pulmonolgy, speech and language pathology, and urology. RCH also provides anesthesiology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, diabetic self-management, and cardiac rehabilitation services. Other outpatient services include laboratory, infusion, and diagnostic imaging. Emergency services and surgeries are also available at RCH. The RCH also has a fitness center to promote a healthier lifestyle which includes treadmills and ellipticals, assessments, and wellness services for only $15 a month. RCH also has various support groups which includes Alcoholics Anonymous. There is also a support group for diabetics and Parkinson's patients. GROW Support Group is for troubled individuals who are in crisis due to depression, stress, loneliness, or relationship issues. RCH also holds classes like the Safe Sitter Class for information on babysitting, child development, and safety tips. There is also CPR, AED, and First Aid training. RCH provides education on cancer, the heart, and outpatient procedures.
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