Lee/Ogle Regional Office of Education -- Dropout Intervention System

7772 Clinton Street, Dixon, IL 61021
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Mary Alaska Zuniga & Cathy Cluts; Ogle County Coordinator; Glen Weatherwax, Lee County Coordinator; Paul McMahon, Regional Superintedent; Janet Kacvinsky, Assistant Regional Superintendent
Lee/Ogle Dropout Intervention System (LODIS), a comprehensive truancy program, addresses attendance issues in a two county area. LODIS focuses on prevention and intervention services, assistance in coordination and development of remediation programs, and promotion of systemic change through integrated school improvement efforts.
Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. When a child has 3 unexcuses absences,the school will notify the truancy coordinator and a one time intervention is done. After five unexcused absences, schools notify the LODIS program, which in turn begins its official role in the intervention. The program looks at academic records, the frequency, and possible patterns of the absences to get a better idea of how to help the individual. Service delivery goals include preventing students from developing attendance habits with an adverse effect on educational success, providing intervention services to students and families needing additional assistance to develop and maintain acceptable attendance patterns, exposing students to remediation activities through a credit recovery program using the NOVEL curriculum to increase academic skills and self-esteem, assisting school improvement planning teams in integrating attendance action plans into comprehensive, continuous school improvement activities through ISBE Integrated School Improvement Plans. LODIS targets school improvement through the promotion of systemic change. These changes refine methods used to identify truant students and potential dropouts and to enhance the ability of teachers to provide appropriate services and support to the disenchanted learner. Other Services Provided: Truancy Intervention Credit Recovery Alternative Learning Opportunity Programs (FLEX) Dropout Prevention
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