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2800 Montvale Drive, Springfield, IL 62704
217-793-7353 / Springfield Toll-free: 1 (800) 252-8951
General: ask@prevention.org / Library: library@prevention.org
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Prevention First advances efforts to promote healthy behaviors and prevent substance misuse in every community through a variety of evidence-based and collaborative approaches, including training, support, and public awareness. We do this by: Advising – We work with organizations that actively promote healthy behaviors so they can be effective in their missions. Amplifying – Through training and ongoing education, we work with individuals delivering services, so they are equipped and confident to best support clients, schools, and communities. Advocating – We take an active role in addressing areas of need through public awareness campaigns, resource centers, special initiatives, conferences, and networking events.
Prevention services are available to all of Illinois. Business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Prevention First provides preventions, social workers, educators, human-resource managers, youth-service providers, faith leaders and other professionals training in the skills and knowledge they need to successfully prevent substance abuse and related issues in their communities. The workshops help professionals create models and strategies for effective prevention. The Prevention First lending library houses thousands of books, videos, program materials, and more. Materials can be shipped free of charge. Student Assistance Program services are designed to reduce risk factors while building protective factors and developing assets. Student Assistance Programs utilize both individual strategies for identified students and environmental approaches to improve the educational opportunities for all students and educators.
Services Provided
Addictions (gambling/cutting/drugs/alcohol)

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