Parents As Teachers First Years

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Lois Meisenheimer, Program Coordinator
Parents as Teachers First Years is a home-based parent education and family support program, serving families in Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside Counties who are pregnant or have a child ages birth to three. Families must meet eligibility guidelines as determined through a screening process. The program offers weekly home visits, monthly group connection and parent/child interaction activities, developmental screenings, assistance in developing family goals and connecting to community resources.
As part of our program families will receive: -In-Person or Virtual Visits -Individualized Child Development Information -Developmental and Health Screenings for Children 1. Ongoing Monitoring of Child Developmental Milestones -Adult Screenings including: 1.Intimate Partner Violence 2.Substance Abuse Disorders 3.Depression 4.Mental Health · Parenting Education and Support on the following topics: 1. Discipline 2. Nutrition 3. Attachment 4. Transitions/Routines 5. Healthy Births 6. Health 7. Sleep 8. Safety · Support for the development of the following Parenting Behaviors during Parent/Child Interaction activities: 1. Nurturing 2. Designing/Guiding 3. Responding 4. Communicating 5. Supporting Learning 6. Observing/Recognizing Developmental Milestones · Family Well-Being support in the following areas 1. Basic Essentials 2. Education and Employment 3. Physical Health of the Family 4. Mental Health and Wellness 5. Early Care and Education 6. Relationships with Family and Friends 7. Recreation and Enrichment · Support for the development of family strengths including: 1. Parental Resilience 2. Social Connections 3. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development 4. Concrete Support in Time of Need 5. Social and Emotional Competency of Children · Development of Family Goals for children, adults, and parent/child interaction · Access to Parent Group Connection Meetings and Parent/Child Interaction Activities · Linkage to Community Resources · Access to a Parent Resource and Toy Lending Library
Services Provided
Child Development/Disabilities/Rehab

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