Though ENG 271 is a continuation of ENG 270, they may be taken out of sequence.

  • ENG 270 - Creative Writing

    Offered every fall semester, Creative Writing I is a comfortable environment in which to learn more about writing creatively. Take this class if you want to write a lot, get some low-pressure feedback on your writing, or want to know more about writing poetry and fiction. Students in this class will produce several polished poems and a complete short story, in addition to practicing writing less formally in class almost every day. This class is graded largely on effort: it’s easy for those who love writing, but tough for those looking for an easy grade. No previous writing experience is required for enrollment in this course, and there are no prerequisite courses . . . come as you are, and be ready to improve!

  • ENG 271 - Creative Writing II

    Offered every spring semester, Creative Writing II is a course about taking your place in the writing community. Take this class if you want to write fiction, poetry, or drama; get some feedback on your writing; publish your writing; work with other writers; or learn about editing and publishing. Students in this class will work on a great variety of projects, including writing collaboratively, submitting their own work for publication, planning and participating in an informal public reading, editing SVCC’s literary and arts publication (The Works), completing an ambitious writing project of their own, and participating in writing workshops. This class is graded largely on effort and completion of projects. No previous experience with writing is required, and there are no prerequisite courses (most students take Creative Writing I first, but you may take Sauk’s creative writing courses in any order).