Student Art Exhibit 2021

SVCC Art Gallery - Student Art Show

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Amaya Allen

Degree Program: Associate of Fine Arts3rd Place Overall & President's Art Award for Most Improved Art Student Winner

Tyler, the Creator -
“Tyler, the Creator”
Colorado -
Untitled -
“Untitled” 3rd Place Overall Winner

Anah Chamberlain

Degree Program: Psychology

Traveling Harp -
“Traveling Harp”
Pretty Face -
“Pretty Face”
Surrender to Despair -
“Surrender to Despair”

Micah Green

Degree Program: Associates of Fine ArtsPresident's Art Award - High Honors & Honorable Mention Winner

Apples to Apples -
“Apples to Apples”
Self Portrait in Color -
“Self Portrait in Color”
Nice Knights Finish Last, Pg 3 -
“Nice Knights Finish Last, Pg 3” Honorable Mention Winner

Aaron Guerrero

Degree Program: Associate of Art2nd Place Overall Winner

Fatal Attraction -
“Fatal Attraction” 2nd Place Overall Winner
Skeletal Back -
“Skeletal Back”
Self Portrait -
“Self Portrait”

Gracen Harmon

Degree Program: Associate of ArtHonorable Mention Winner

Roses -
“Roses” Honorable Mention Winner
Macy's -
Wormhole -

Joseph Magana

Degree Program: Associate of Fine Arts1st Place Overall Winner

Caleb Windowgast -
“Caleb Windowgast”
Myriad of Emotions -
“Myriad of Emotions” 1st Place Overall Winner
Hendrix 2 -
“Hendrix 2”

Alyssa Marquez

Degree Program: Phlebotomy Certificate

Expressions -
Sewing Notions -
“Sewing Notions”
My Best Friend -
“My Best Friend”

Octayvia Merryman

Degree Program: BusinessHonorable Mention Winner

World of Color -
“World of Color” Honorable Mentions Winner

Jessica Payne

Degree Program: Associate of Fine ArtsBest of Show Winner

Rest -
Starlight -
Afternoon Tea -
“Afternoon Tea” Best of Show Winner

Azaylia Ramos

Degree Program: Associate of Art

Potassium -
Triple Cherry -
“Triple Cherry”

John Taylor

Degree Program: Associate of Fine ArtsPresident's Art Award for Best First Year Art Student Winner

Untitled Still Life -
“Untitled Still Life”
Untitled Figure Drawing -
“Untitled Figure Drawing”
Self Portrait -
“Self Portrait”

Gretchen Thomas

Degree Program: Sociology


Nastasja Vaessen

Degree Program: Accounting

Deer Skull Rendition -
“Deer Skull Rendition”

Jesená Valdez

Degree Program: Associate of Fine ArtsHonorable Mention Winner

Yung Lean -
“Yung Lean”
Self Portrait -
“Self Portrait” Honorable Mentions Winner
Skeletal Figure Drawing -
“Skeletal Figure Drawing”

If you have questions or comments about this exhibition or the art program at SVCC, please contact Glenn Bodish, Associate Professor of Art, glenn.s.bodish@svcc.edu.