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Doing Happiness October 18

Doing Happiness

Presented by Matt Glowacki, Diversity Speaker

  • Wednesday, October 18
  • 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
  • Rm 1K04

"Happy" should be a verb. It's not just how we are - it's what we can do. How often you do it, is up to you!

Matt was born without legs, but he lives to the most of his abilities, just like everyone else. Matt offers a new way of thinking and a fresh perspective to his audiences, sharing his firsthand accounts of living a unique lifestyle. Matt tries to help people understand their own situation a little better and attempts to explain why people act the way they do based on the challenges they are experiencing.

With a decade of experience as the most sought-after diversity speaker on college campuses, Matt’s presentations offer valuable guidance to students on how to cultivate happiness, foster a deeper appreciation for social justice and diversity, and unlock their full potential despite personal obstacles. His exceptional talent and expertise in this field have earned him the title of Best Speaker and Best Diversity Artist by Campus Activities Magazine, making him a top choice for educational events and workshops.

For information, contact Ana Salgado at 815-835-6432.

Co-sponsored by TRIO, Students Activities, and SGA.