Sauk Valley Community College Human Resources

SVCC Benefits Overview

Sauk Valley Community College offers benefits that are designed to meet the needs of our employees.  These benefits allow our employees to attain the important balance between work and personal life.  We offer a four-day workweek in the summer and extended time off during the holiday season.  In addition to an accommodating work schedule, Sauk offers a generous benefits package that includes employer provided life insurance, a comprehensive medical plan, tuition free courses at SVCC, tuition reimbursement, and an on-site fitness center.

All benefits are for full-time employees unless otherwise indicated.  This is for reference only and contents are subject to change.  If there is a discrepancy between benefit plan documents and information listed on the web site, the current plan documents govern.

Health Care Program

All full-time employees are eligible on their first day of employment to receive health insurance through the College’s self-funded group health insurance plan.  Employees are required to contribute a portion of the cost.  An eligible employee may elect to cover their spouse, and/or dependents under the plan.  If an employee chooses not to enroll in the group health insurance plan they will receive an annual $1,000 stipend pro-rated by pay period.

Medical – Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Coverage Levelsemployee, employee plus spouse, employee plus child(ren), family
Deductible per calendar yearPlan A – $500 single, $1,500 family
Plan B – $500 single, $1500 family
Plan C – $1,000 single, $3,000 family
CoveragePlan A – 90% / 10%
Plan B – 80% / 60%
Plan C – 80% / 60%
Wellnesscovered at 100% with no deductible covered
Maximum Out of PocketPlan A – $1500 single, $4,500 family
Plan B – $2,500 single, 7,500 family
Plan C – $3,000 single, 93,000 family
Office VisitsPlan A – $20  co–pay, $40 specialist
Plan B – $30  co–pay, $50 specialist
Plan C – $30  co–pay, $50 specialist

Sisco Dental/Vision (included with medical insurance)

All basic care covered up to coverage level maximum:
Employee plus child$1025
Employee plus spouse$1025

Delta Dental

Dental Delta Plan Type Benefits

PPO Plus Premier Plan

Annual Individual / Family Deductible

$50 / $150

Annual Maximum Per Person


Office Visit Co-Pay





Fluoride Treatments

Routine Exams Sealants

Basic Services



X-Rays Oral Surgery


Non-Surgical Periodontics

Major Services


Cast Restorations, Crowns, Onlays Surgical Periodontics

Dentures and Bridges


Not Covered

Usual & Customary Percentile

Lessor of fee or MPA

Lifetime Maximum


Financial Summary

Employee Only

Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child(ren)







Cost to Employee

No Cost

VSP (Vision)

Benefit Overview

VSP Plan Copay $10/$25


VSP Network

In-Network             Out-of-Network


$10 copay

Up to $45


$25 copay



    Single Vision





$25 copay

$25 copay

$25 copay

$25 copay


Up to $30

Up to $50

Up to $65

Up to $100


$130 Allowance

+ 20% off



Up to $70

Benefit Frequency

                  12 / 12/ 24

Contact Lenses


Contact Lenses are in lieu of frames

$130 allowance,

100% covered

$105 allowance,

Up to $210  

Financial Summary

Employee Only

Employee + 1


Bi-Weekly Premiums (26)





Tier 1$10 co-pay
Tier 2$40 co-pay
Tier 3  $60 co-pay


If you or a covered dependent become ineligible for medical insurance coverage, you may continue to purchase coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) for a specified period of time.

Group Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Employer paid life insurance coverage for an employee is one times annual base salary; $2,500 is provided for a spouse and $2,000 for each child.  Accidental death doubles the normal coverage.

Optional life insurance

Employees have the option to purchase additional insurance on themselves, a spouse, and/or dependent children.  The premium is paid by employee.  Rates are reasonable as the College is in a consortium with other Illinois community colleges.

Long Term Disability

This is an optional insurance for SVCC employees and is 100 percent employee paid. Premium is based on salary and age. Rates are reasonable as the College is in a consortium with other Illinois community colleges. The benefit coverage equals 65 percent of monthly income after three months of paid or unpaid disability leave

Flexible Spending Plan

Sauk Valley Community College maintains a flexible spending plan for full-time employees, as authorized by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. This plan, in which participation is voluntary, allows employees to “redirect” part of their salary toward certain qualified expenses, including co-insurance and deductibles, and other non-insured medical expenses (including dental care and eye care), and dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis.

BCBS Transparency in Coverage Files
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois must be transparent regarding the billing rates for covered medical items and services of in-network providers (e.g., doctors and hospitals) and out-of-network historical payments.

Sauk employees in the SURS system only pay the Medicare portion of FICA (1.45%), not Social Security.

Employee Assistance Program

This program, provided by our life insurance carrier, is a resource and referral service to help employees balance their work and family life. It provides a 24-hour, toll-free number which employees call to discuss numerous issues with professional consultants who have broad experience in work/life issues including legal and financial issues, older adult and parenting resources, child care resources and personal and work-related problems.

Retirement Program

The Illinois State Universities Retirement System (SURS) provides retirement, disability, death, and survivors benefits to all eligible SURS participants and annuitants. You are automatically a SURS participant if you are employed in an ongoing position that requires you to work for at least one continuous academic term or four months, whichever is less. New employees must elect one of the three SURS retirement plans in which to participate. Your choice will govern the benefits available to you for life and cannot be changed or revoked. All eligible employees contribute eight percent of gross compensation before taxes. SURS short-term disability covers at 50 percent of monthly income after two months of unpaid medical leave. Visit the SURS web site at www.surs.org or contact the human resources department for more information.

Fitness Center

Employees are eligible to sign up for a free membership to use the Fitness Center.

Monday – Thursday
7:30 am to 6:00 pm
7:30 am to 2:00 pm

Summer hours may vary.

Tax-Deferred Annuities


Salary reductions for tax-deferred annuities are available to all regular full-time and regular part-time employees in accordance with Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended. Tax-deferred annuities allow employees a method of saving for retirement by redirecting a portion of their pre-tax earnings to a tax-deferred annuity plan offered by the College.




All full-time employees accrue vacation at the following rates:

Days per MonthYears of Employment

Administrative and Counseling faculty

2.00Administrators and 12-month counselors

Professional/Technical and Support Staff

1.171 st and 2 nd years
1.253 rd and 4 th
1.425 th and 6 th
1.507 th and 8 th
1.589 th and 10 th
1.6711 th and 12 th
1.7513 th and 14 th
1.8315 th and all subsequent years

The above rates are effective with the first day of the first full month of employment. 

Personal Leave Days

All full-time staff accrue three personal leave days annually that may be taken for personal reasons.

Sick Leave

All full-time administrators, support, and professional/technical staff accrue sick leave at the rate of .92 days per month (11 days per year).  Sick leave accrues to full-time faculty at the rate of fourteen (14) days for the first year and ten (10) days per year thereafter.  Sick leave for faculty on a twelve (12) month contract shall accrue at the rate of sixteen (16) days the first year and twelve (12) days per year thereafter.  Employees working less than full-time will not be authorized sick time. Sick leave may be accumulated without limit.


Sabbatical leaves may be granted to full-time faculty members for the purpose of improving the quality of services provided to the constituents of Sauk Valley Community College.

Summer Work Schedule

During summer session, most employees work a four-day workweek, Monday through Thursday.  During this period the work hours are extended.

Tuition Reimbursement

 The Board will pay tuition and mandatory fees at the rate of $175 per credit hour up to a maximum of $2,100 per fiscal year for courses taken by full-time administrators, faculty, support, and professional/technical staff; providing these courses are related to their work at the College.  Any exceptions are to be made by the appropriate supervisor/President with the approval of a developmental plan. Reimbursement may be used for graduate or undergraduate credit, for workshops, seminars, or symposiums as equated by the appropriate supervisor/President.  

Tuition Waivers for Sauk Valley Community College Credit Classes

All full-time employees, their spouses, and dependent children (up to age 23) are eligible to receive free tuition for credit courses offered at Sauk Valley Community College.  Activity fee, lab fees and cost of books are paid by the student.

All permanent part-time employees, their spouses, and dependent children (up to age 23) are eligible to receive pro-rated tuition for credit courses at Sauk Valley Community College after one year of employment.  Activity fee, lab fees and cost of books are paid by the student. 

The College provides waivers for tuition at the College for adjunct faculty, their spouse, or their children up to 23 years of age, to the extent of the number of credit hours taught by the faculty member during each semester.  Such waivers may be used in the current semester, or either of the next two semesters, including the summer semester.  If the tuition waivers are not used during those periods, they shall expire.  Student activity fees and books are not considered part of the tuition waiver.

Winter Break

The College closes during the last part of December (dates may vary according to academic calendar).  Full-time staff members use holiday and vacation/personal time during this period.