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Academic Programs

Business - Associate in Arts (210)

Business programs at community colleges and bachelor's degree schools include courses and majors in general business, accounting, finance, marketing and management. The following recommendations apply to programs in all of these fields. Community college students are strongly encouraged to complete an Associate in Arts degree prior to transfer. Further, students should consult closely with an advisor early in their programs if they intend to transfer as juniors into a bachelor's degree program.

Note: BUS 103 and BUS 222 are recommended electives based on top transfer school requirements.

Students who have already chosen the university to which they plan to transfer should consult that institution's catalog or department advisor and an SVCC academic advisor in planning their program. Transfer guides for some universities are available at svcc.edu/transfer.

Business - IAI Recommended Baccalaureate Curriculum

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Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College

  • Academic Advising, 815-835-6354
  • Emily Zimmerman, Assistant Professor of Business/CEO 815-835-6259

Total Hours Required - 65 Hours

Suggested Program

First Semester - 15 Hours

  • ACC101 - Financial Accounting ( 4 Semester Hours)

    This course presents accounting as an information system that produces summary financial statements, primarily for users external to a business enterprise organized as a corporation. Students study the forms of business organization and the common transactions entered into by businesses. The emphasis is on understanding and applying basic accounting principles and other concepts that guide the reporting of the effect of transactions and other economic events on the financial condition and operating results of a corporation. The procedures of how to analyze and interpret historical financial statements, as well, and the limitations of using these in making forward-looking business decisions is included. The primary content emphasis will be accounting for current assets and liabilities, long-term assets and liabilities, corporations, cash flow statements, and financial statement analyses. 4 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): BUS 903 Lecture/Lab Hours 4 lec/week

  • BUS103 - Intro to Business ( 3 Semester Hours)

    Introduction to Business provides a foundation of knowledge in business including an understanding of the basic processes of marketing, finance, production, accounting, information technology, human resource management and the relationships of business to our society and government and the global economy. 3 Semester hour(s) Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • ENG101 - Composition I ( 3 Semester Hours)

    This course (1) develops awareness of the writing process; (2) provides inventional, organizational, and editorial strategies; (3) stresses the variety of uses for writing; and (4) emphasizes critical skills in reading, thinking, and writing. Prerequisite: Required placement score on approved English placement test, high school unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher, or a grade of C or higher in ELA 099. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • FYE101 - First Year Experience ( 1 Semester Hours)

    The focus of this course is how to be successful in college. Study skills, goal setting, academic planning, time and money management, and information research skills are among the core topics included in this course. Within a supportive environment, students will share their college experiences and develop connections with fellow students and SVCC staff. 1 Semester hour(s) Lecture/Lab Hours: 1 lec/week

  • MAT203 - Calculus & Analytic Geometry I ( 4 Semester Hours)

    The elementary concepts of differential and integral calculus are introduced and applications are discussed. These include limits, continuity, the derivative, rules of differentiation, the indefinite and definite integral. Trigonometric functions are dealt with. Some applications are: related rates, graphing, extreme value problems, and Newton's method for finding roots of equations. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in MAT 121, College Algebra, AND MAT 122, Trigonometry OR appropriate placement (see current placement score prerequisite chart) 4 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 900-1, MTH 901 Lecture/Lab Hours: 4 lec/week


    MAT221 - Calc for Bus & Soc Science ( 4 Semester Hours)

    A brief course in elementary differential and integral calculus. Primarily for students of business, economics and social science, with emphasis on applications. Prerequisite: MAT 121 with a grade of C or higher or appropriate placement score, or four years of college preparatory high school mathematics with grades of C or higher OR Math 3 with a grade of "C" or higher. 4 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 900-B Lecture/Lab Hours: 4 lec/week


    Second Semester - 16 Hours

    • Social/Behavioral Science 3 Semester hour(s)
    • Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
    • ACC102 - Managerial Accounting ( 4 Semester Hours)

      This course presents accounting as a system of producing information for use in internally managing a business. The course emphasizes the identification, accumulation, and interpretation of information for planning, controlling, and evaluating the performance of the separate components of a business. Included is the identification and measurement of the costs of producing goods or services and how to analyze and control these costs. Decision models commonly used in making specific short-term and long-term business decisions also are included. Prerequisite: ACC 101 4 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): BUS 904 Lecture/Lab Hours 4 lec/week

    • BUS214 - Business Statistics ( 3 Semester Hours)

      This course is an introduction to business statistics in which methods of collection, presentation and interpretation of quantitative data is studied. Emphasis is placed on the interpretation of data with such topics as averages, dispersion, probability, sampling, tests of significance and simple linear correlation being studied. Prerequisite: MAT 121 or appropriate placement 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): BUS 901 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • ENG103 - Composition II ( 3 Semester Hours)

      An advanced course in essay writing with emphasis on formal research, ENG 103 serves to develop a proficiency in the collection and selection of data as applied to the completion of a formal research paper. In addition, students receive instruction in logic and reasoning, including the fundamentals of argumentative and persuasive writing. Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in ENG 101 or its equivalent or consent of instructor. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 901R Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    Third Semester - 18-19 Hours

    • *Life Science 3-4 Semester hour(s)
    • Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
    • BUS222 - The Legal Environment of Bus ( 3 Semester Hours)

      The legal environment law course is an introductory course to law and the judicial system. Topics covered in the course include federal law, securities, employment, labor relations, social environment laws, product liability, and consumer protection. 3 Semester hour(s) Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • CIS109 - Introduction to Computers ( 3 Semester Hours)

      This introductory course consists of the study of computer hardware, software, operating systems and communications, networking, Internet, systems and program development life cycles and their role in business decision making. The use of Internet, multimedia, security, and ethics will be emphasized throughout the course. In addition, laboratory experience will be gained with a survey of Microsoft Windows and business computer software applications programs in word processing, electronic spreadsheets, database management, presentation graphics, and Internet. Prerequisite:None. Students having no experience with computers are encouraged to first take CIS 100-Keyboarding 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): BUS 902 Lecture/Lab Hours: 2 lec, 2 lab/week

    • ECO211 - Principles of Macroeconomics ( 3 Semester Hours)

      A survey of macro-economic theory with emphasis on resource allocation in a mixed-enterprise economy. Concentration is on the operation of the market mechanism, the role of government and labor, international trade, national income determination and accounting, money and banking, monetary and fiscal policy, and macroeconomic fluctuations. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S3 901 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3/lec week

    • PHL103 - Ethics and Social Policy ( 3 Semester Hours)

      An examination of moral aspects of human conduct and a study of the principal ethical theories and concepts as they apply to particular moral problems and decisions. Students will be required to read selected philosophy papers and write a philosophy paper of their own. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): H4 904 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    Fourth Semester - 15-16 Hours

    • *Physical Science 3-4 Semester hour(s)
    • Electives 6 Semester hour(s)
    • COM131 - Intro to Oral Communication ( 3 Semester Hours)

      This course combines communication theory with the practice of oral communication skills. This course: (1) develops awareness of the communication process; (2) provides inventional, organizational, and expressive strategies; (3) promotes understanding of and adaptation to a variety of communication contexts; and (4) emphasizes critical skills in listening, reading, thinking, and speaking. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C2 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • ECO212 - Principles of Microeconomics ( 3 Semester Hours)

      Introduction to price theories, the behavior of the firm under varying market conditions and the behavior of the consumer. Prerequisite: None 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S3 902 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


    • *One lab science required.