EPSLO's / Goals

End-of-Program ADN Student Learning Outcomes/ Goals

Students can expect to achieve the following learning outcomes after completing an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in nursing from SVCC:

Patient Centered Care:

Validate individuals, families, and communities as partners in holistic care.


Plan nursing care that encompasses competent individual performance within a system that assesses for safe practice.

Evidenced Based Practice:  

Integrate current evidence-based knowledge into nursing care.

Quality Improvement:

Integrate systems and policies for continuous improvement in the delivery of healthcare.

Teamwork and Collaboration: 

Integrate the contributions of healthcare professionals to achieve the health goals of the patient, family, and the community. 


Utilize technologies to strengthen communication, manage information, and mitigate error in patient care delivery.


Support the ideals of leadership, ethical principles, and legal healthcare delivery.