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Changing Your Address or Phone Number - SOAR Online Help

Changing Your Address or Phone Number

In order to keep your records up to date, receive Sauk related material through the mail, and be notified in emergency situations; it is recommended that you keep you Address and Phone number up to date.

To change your address or phone number,
From the Main Menu page,
Click on the "Personal Information" link

Image of Personal Information link

On the next screen,
Click on the "View/Request Change of Address or Phones" link

image of View/Request Change of Addresses or Phones link

On the next screen,
Scroll to the bottom and click the down arrow.
Choose the "Request for Address Change" link.

image of Request for Address Change drop down menu

Next, Click the "Submit" button.

image of Submit button


When the next screen appears,
You can update your Address information by filling in the empty fields.

image of Change Address and Phone page


Change your Phone Number by filling in the appropriate fields.

image of Phone number change fields

Finally, Click the "Submit" button to update your address and phone number.

image of Submit button