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Logging In - SOAR Online Help

Logging In

Start by going to the SOAR webpage.  This can be accessed from Sauk's home page in the QuickJump menu or type in the URL svcc.edu/soar into the address bar of your internet browser.

LoggingInQuickJumpDropMenu.png or Image of the soar.svcc.edu URL in the address bar of a web browser


The S.O.A.R. homepage will appear,
Click on the "Login to Your Records" link.

image of Login to Your Records link

A new screen will appear like the one below.


***First Time Users***

You must change your default Sauk Login Password before you will be able to log into SOAR. Please visit the link below to change your password.

Change Password

In the User ID box,
Type in your Sauk Login ID.
The Format of the user name of your Sauk Login is typically:
User Name - first name.middle initial.last name. Example- john.h.smith

If you have forgotten your Sauk Login ID, click "Look up My Sauk Login ID"



Next, Type in your Password,
Reminder – Your initial password provided by SVCC is sv and the last four of your Student/Employee ID – You MUST change this password before you will be able to log into SOAR. Click here to Change Password.

Finally, Click the "Login" button to login to your records.

Next, you will be taken to a "Terms of Use" page. You will only need to agree to this the first time you login also.


Read the Terms of Use.
After you have completed reading,
Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

Your Main Screen will open up and you will be able to navigate to your desired area from here.

image of Main Menu