Sauk Login

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New employees often have questions about the various computer systems that are used at Sauk. This document will describe what the Sauk Login is and what systems it is used for.

The format of the user name and password that makes up the Sauk Login is:
User Name – first name.middle initial.last name. Example- john.h.smith
Password – The default password for new employees begins with sv and is followed by the last four digits of your employee ID. Example- sv1234. If you do not know your ID, call the Admissions and Records Office at ext 273.

You do have the ability to change your Sauk Login password if you wish. Open a browser and go to https://login.svcc.edu/adfs/portal/updatepassword/. Please note that if you change your Sauk Login password, it will be changed for all systems that use the Sauk Login.

If you have any questions about your Sauk Login or about any of the systems that are used at Sauk, call us at 815-835-6229, or ext 229, or email support@svcc.edu.

Below is a table listing the systems currently used by Sauk employees along with login information for each.

Desktop Computer - When your computer is locked, you will need to login to use it.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
FAST(Faculty And Staff Tools) – FAST is Sauk’s intranet where employees will find forms, committee information and other employee related information.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
Canvas - Canvas is Sauk’s course management system. Every course has a Canvas shell that can be developed by faculty and used by students to access course information.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
Printing - When printing to any Sauk printer, employees and students are required to login.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
Library Databases: Off-Campus Access – When accessing Sauk library databases off campus, employees and students are required to log in. Note that a login is not required when accessing these databases on-campus.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
Cascade Server - Cascade is used by selected employees to edit content on the Sauk website.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
Email - All Sauk staff and students have an email account.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
SVCC TXT Alerts - Sauk staff and students can opt in to be notified of certain events such as weather closings and campus events. These alerts can come via text, email, phone message, or all.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
Banner - Banner is the student information system used by Sauk. Selected employees will have access to Banner.Sauk Login icon Sauk Login
SOAR (Sauk Online Access to Records) – Faculty use SOAR to enter student grades and class status and access information about students in their classes. Employees use SOAR to access payroll information.

Employee ID/PIN
PIN provided during HR signup

FileBound - FileBound is a document imaging system that is used by selected staff to archive student information electronically.FileBound User Name/Password
Check with supervisor for access.