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Criteria for Sauk Valley Community College's Athletic Hall of Fame

To be considered for selection into the Sauk Valley Community College’s Athletic Hall of Fame, the nominee must fall into one of the following areas and qualify as the criteria in that area describes.

  1. Student-Athletes, Coaches, and Administrators
    1. The nominee must qualify under one of the following:
      1. Be a student-athlete at Sauk for at least two years.
      2. Be a coach at Sauk.
      3. Be an athletic administrator at Sauk.
    2. Student-athletes are eligible for submission 5 years after departure from Sauk.
      1. Student-athletes must have a proven record of success at Sauk.
      2. Consideration will be given for athletic achievements after departing Sauk.
    3. Coaches and Administrators immediately after their departure from Sauk.
      1. Criteria for coaches include won/loss record, longevity, NJCAA Post-season accomplishments, and conference standings
      2. Criteria for Administrators include longevity and other contributions to the department.
    4. Must have conducted himself/herself in such a way as to reflect honor on the College and to have been found to have those qualities of character and standards of conduct found to be most desirable in one who may be cited as an example for young people.
  2. Teams
    1. The nominee for Team admission will qualify under one of the following:
      1. Won/Loss Record
      2. NJCAA Post-season Accomplishments
      3. Conference Standings
      4. Region Standings
  3. Criteria for Contributors to the athletic program at Sauk
    1. Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the athletic program at Sauk shall be eligible to be elected to the Hall of Fame. These individuals need not be graduates nor do they need to have been athletes, coaches or administrators at Sauk.
  4. To be approved for induction, all candidates must receive 100 percent support from the Final Selection Committee.
  5. To be inducted into the Sauk’s Athletic Hall of Fame, inductees must be present for the induction ceremony unless deceased.